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Please note that due to strong demand and our commitment to maintaining optimal class sizes, we now operate at full capacity and classes for future years routinely fill up before the year begins. We strongly recommend that expressions of interest for Year 7 get submitted well in advance of entry. We accept expressions of interest up to 10 years ahead. Students attending Catholic primary schools and siblings of current MacKillop students are not exempt from the enrolment process and still need to enrol. Expressions of interest in excess of our capacity for any given year level will be placed on a waiting list.

COVID-19 Notice:
In response to current measures in place to protect the health of our community, enrolment interviews for 2021 are being conducted online or by phone rather than face-to-face.

If you are looking to enrol in certificate courses through our Registered Training Organisation, click here.

To enrol at MacKillop, please download, print and sign the appropriate forms below, or mention in the expression of interest form below if you require a hard copy prospectus pack.

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Expressions of Interest

Testimonials and Reviews

Here is what our community is saying about MacKillop:

“I am writing to congratulate you, your teachers, your students and your school community on the excellent NTCET results achieved. I wish you, the staff and the students of MacKillop Catholic College all the best for continued success in the 2018 academic year.” – Extract from a letter from a government representative, February 2018

“Due to the wonderful staff and students’ hospitality, the Italian agent would like to send more students to MCC this July for a month-two months.” – Italian exchange programme facilitator, March 2018

“[Teacher] had [student] all worked out within the first few weeks. They formed a great relationship and I can’t put into words how fantastic it has been watching [student] once again love this subject and be confident about his ability. He even sat with his 9 year old brother this week and taught him simple algebra!” – Parent, 2018

“[Teacher] has taught [student] SO much this year and he has decided that this is the path he really wants to go down with his career” – Parent, 2018

“… Many of these teachers went out of their way to get to know [student] and so therefore helped him to achieve to his potential” – Parent, 2018

“My daughter goes to MacKillop and we love it! The programmes, teaching, students etc., just an all over fantastic school” – Parent, April 2018

“The staff and students at MacKillop have all made [student] feel very included, and she looks forward to going to school each day and enjoys her subjects.” – Parent, 2017

We were very impressed with the staff we met on the [College Tour] night and the facilities that are available for the students. We noticed a few students still on the grounds attending after school activities and every one of them were very polite and showed a high standard of manners which, to us, was clear reflection of the school.” – Parents of a newly enrolled student, May 2018

“Thank you very much for your efforts & providing valuable information in fine tuning our preparations for the upcoming year 9 camp which is indeed a stepping stone in making the younger generation cohesive as well as self reliant.” Parent, May 2018

“We are so happy to have found a school where [student] enjoys being and is excited about learning, with a great group of friends” – Parent, 2017

“It was a wonderful [Presentation] night. Student presentations were wonderful and the evening a credit to both staff and students.” – Community member, 2017

“A great school with great leadership. One of the Northern Territory’s newest schools, with a Principal who has the best interest of the students and their future at heart and who works towards giving the students the best possible start in life by selecting staff who bring out the best in the students..” – Parent online review, 2017

“Attended music recital organised by Mr Tan. Was wonderful to see the children demonstrating their skills with their string instruments, as well as vocal and piano talent!” – Parent, 2017

“Best school in Northern Territory. Great teachers and students and one of the best music departments!” Parent online review, 2017

“Thankyou again for bringing your wonderful students to [local organisation] today. … Your students were a great bunch of young adults, they were very respectful, enthusiastic and considerate. I enjoyed meeting them all.” – Extract from a letter from a member of the local community regarding a student group visiting their business, 2018

“… a friend suggested this school because it’s not stuck up. [Student] has been there since grade 7, now grade 9. I’m happy she has nice friends now, not getting in trouble. She gets help when she needs it. I get emails when she doesn’t do something, I’m a teacher and very picky.” – Parent review 2017

“Would highly recommend MacKillop. I’m no longer in school but when I was having trouble in [former school] MacKillop welcomed me with arms wide open and did a fantastic job. The teachers are great and care about their students. The learning environment is great and the principal is absolutely top. Best school I ever went to.” – Former student, 2017

“This school far outweighs any school in the NT” – Parent online review, 2017

“I had the wonderful opportunity of attending the Musical 42nd Street and am still sharing with everyone who will listen what an amazing experience this was.
The breadth and depth of talent across the caste was awe inspiring.   I am less familiar with 42nd Street but was able to follow the story line and script without any difficulty.  I do not know how you managed to maintain your American accents for the duration of the performance.  The acting, singing, music, dance and stage effects and lighting seemed to all go without a hitch.  In the opening scene I didn’t know where to look because I was trying to absorb what was happening across the full stage; the talent in every area was consistently strong.
One of the areas that I always look for is whether a character is believable.  The strength of character depiction was consistently strong and every little attention to detail around a character  was carried out; particularly with  the female character with the bob haircut who played out a cheeky addition to every stage exit. In a school production you expect to see some strong performances for the main characters and some good efforts with the others. Every individual on stage performed strongly and gave credible performances for  their character.
I was fully absorbed for the full production but managed to get a few looks at the audience to see if they were engaged.  Everyone in the audience was entertained and fully absorbed as I was.
Congratulations to everyone who contributed to this success; even the half time eats were outstanding.
I am looking forward to the next production with great anticipation.” – Attendee of our 2018 Musical, “42nd Street”

“Just wanted to say that I and my husband really enjoyed the musical on Thursday night.
The entire cast and crew have done a tremendous job to bring it to fruition.  Kudos to the Director for delivering a slick adaptation of a fairly large production in a small space.
All the characters came to life, and if I may single out one of the best for me, it was Julian Marsh!  The lad played the role to the hilt with a convincing demeanour and dialogue delivery.
They all kept their focus and saw it out, despite the unscheduled fire alarm!  True professionals in the making.” – Attendee of our 2018 Musical, “42nd Street”

“… I must say that MacKillop is a great school. Our son loves it there. Walking on to the school grounds feels good. I went and spent a few hours at the sports carnival the other day and I just saw happy kids and happy teachers. I can’t fault it.” – Parent online review, 2018

If you have any feedback you would like to give us, please feel free to contact us, we would love to hear from you!