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Staff List

Executive Leadership

Mr Peter Moloney – College Principal

Ms Candice Slingerland – Acting Deputy Principal – Pastoral Care

Plummer, Rod
Mr Rod Plummer – Deputy Principal – Academic Studies

Mr Richard Milne – Assistant to the Principal – Religious Education

Leadership Team

Arakkal, Vanaja
Mrs Vanaja Arakkal – Director Information Technology, Teaching & Learning (On Leave)

TBA – Middle Years Curriculum Coordinator

Mr Jozef Fryckowski – Senior Years Curriculum Coordinator

Mr Amos Wachira – Business Manager

Academic Leadership Team

Mr Richard Milne – Religious Education Coordinator (APRE)

Arakkal, Vanaja
Mrs Vanaja Arakkal – Director Information Technology, Teaching & Learning (On Leave)

Mr Paul Dimmick – Industrial Technologies and Design Coordinator – Also IT Coordinator in Mrs Arakkal’s absence

Mrs Marie Butt – Food and Hospitality Coordinator

Ms Kathryn Ezzy – Head of Arts

Ms Patricia Sweeney-Fawcett – Managing Director – RTO, Flexible Learning, Careers and VET

Ms Tahnee Gale – HPE Coordinator and Sports Coordinator

Ms Emma Chater – English Coordinator

Mr Roy Joseph – Science Coordinator

Mr Jacques Retief – Visual Arts Coordinator

Mrs Linda Van Heusden – Inclusion Support Coordinator

Mr Mitch Musulin – Humanities Coordinator

Ms Candice Slingerland – Languages Coordinator, International Coordinator

Prasad Nair – Mathematics Coordinator

Mrs Jade Cole – Outdoor Education Coordinator

Dr Tom Lewis OAM – Gifted and Talented Coordinator

Ms Mika Yahara – EALD Coordinator

Ms Brittany Dunk – Dance and Drama Coordinator

Miss Zoe Siviour – Personal Learning Plan (PLP), Work Experience and Transition Coordinator

Pastoral Leadership Team

Mr Gavin Nolan – Year 12 Pastoral Coordinator

Mrs Rachel Griffen – Acting Year 11 Pastoral Coordinator (Covering for Candice)

Ms Roxy Claire – Yr 10 Pastoral Coordinator

Mr Matthew Sharp – Year 9 Pastoral Coordinator

Mrs Kate McMaster – Year 8 Coordinator

Mr Craig Skinner – Year 7 Coordinator

Mrs Marie Butt – House Coordinator

Homeform Teachers

Year 7

7.1 – Ms Mika Yahara
7.2 – Ms Demcey Anderson
7.3 – Ms Ruby Sun
7.4 – Mr Robbie Butcher
7.5 – Mr Walter Onyango
7.6 – Mr Ghan Karki
7.7 – Miss Elise Quirk

Year 8

8.1 – Mr Martin Wallace
8.2 – Ms Sam Cooke
8.3 – Ms Mae Campbell-Emery
8.4 – Mr Jamie Ngai
8.5 – Mr Jacques Retief
8.6 – Mr Michael Evans
8.7 – Ms Chloe Syme

Year 9

9.1 – Ms Claire Townley
9.2 – Mr Michael Cunningham
9.3 – Ms Stephanie Apperley
9.4 – Ms Brittany Dunk
9.5 – Mr Paul Dimmick
9.6 – Mrs Suman Choudry

Year 10

10.1 – Mr Alphonsus Tan
10.2 – Mr Ben Shanahan
10.3 – Ms Elisa Bradtke
10.4 – Mr Tarrant Edwards

Year 11

11.1 – Mrs Rachel Griffen
11.2 – Mr Nate Jackson
11.3 – Ms Bee Khoo

Year 12

12.1 – Mr Mark Wilson
12.2 – Miss Zoe Siviour

Eagle Group

Dr Tom Lewis
Ms Sam Gill
Mr John Chisholm

College Teaching Team

Miss Demcey Anderson
Ms Stephanie Apperley
Mrs Vanaja Arakkal
Mr Jack Bennett
Mr Clinton Bock
Mr Dale Brown – TFA
Mr Robert Butcher
Mrs Marie Butt
Ms Mae Emery
Ms Emma Chater
Mrs Suman Choudry-Binda
Ms Roxy Claire
Miss Samantha Cooke
Mr Michael Cunningham
Mr Paul Dimmick
Miss Brittany Dunk
Mr Tarrant Edwards
Mr Michael Evans
Mrs Kathryn Ezzy
Mr Darcy Fitzgerald – TFA
Mr Jozef Fryckowski
Mrs Sara Gagliardo
Ms Tahnee Gale
Ms Samantha Gill
Mrs Rachel Griffen
Mrs Brittney Henderson
Mr Nathaniel Jackson
Mr Roy Joseph
Mr Ghan Karki
Ms Reiko Kawai
Ms Bee Khoo
Mr Rogers Kimbazo
Dr Tom Lewis OAM
Mrs Jane Marshall
Mr Richard Milne
Ms Jennifer Montgomery
Mr Mitch Musulin
Mr Prasad Nair
Mr Jamie Ngai
Mr Gavin Nolan
Mr Walter Onyango
Mr Rod Plummer
Mrs Carmen Potter
Ms Elise Quirk
Dr Ramya Ramamoorthi
Mr Jacques Retief
Mrs Kate McMaster
Mr Mark Richard
Mrs Binu Roy
Mr Ben Shanahan
Mrs Kim Shanahan
Mr Matthew Sharp
Mr Patrick Sibley
Miss Zoe Siviour
Mr Craig Skinner
Ms Candice Slingerland
Ms Nakita Staines
Ms Ruby Sun
Miss Chloe Syme
Mr Alphonsus Tan
Mr Kirwan Thorbjornsen
Mrs Linda van Heusden
Mr Martin Wallace
Mr Mark Wilson
Ms Mika Yahara

Administration & Student Services Support Staff

Assistants to Leadership

Mrs Vanda Rands – HR Officer and Personal Assistant to the Principal
Mrs Michelle Mills
Mrs Sharon Smith
Mrs Di Cook

Front Office

Ms Kim Schofield – Office Manager
Mrs Olivia Lynch – Visitor Reception and Enrolment Officer
Ms Karlie Hallam – Student Reception


Mr Amos Wachira – Business Manager
Ms Kanti Gurung – Finance Officer – Payroll and Other Debtors
Mr Gary Ninneman – Finance Officer – Families (School Fees) and Creditors

Inclusion Support

Mrs Linda Van Heusden – Inclusion Support Coordinator
Ms Beatrice Achieng
Mrs Olga Anderson
Mrs Gaye-Anne Beckmann
Ms Tammy Botha
Mrs Leisa Conelius
Mrs Juni Ernawati
Mrs Sharon Forsyth
Ms Karlie Hallam
Mrs Jannine Hardy
Mrs Nadine Ives
Ms Marie Jikharev
Ms Eliys McEvoy
Mr Alex Mentink
Ms Annalisa Nania
Ms Bianca Potts
Mr Ben Power
Mr Rogers Kibazo
Mr Patrick Sibley
Mrs Sharon Smith

Aboriginal and Islander Education Workers

Mr Jasen Bryers
Ms Nadine Ives
Mr Roy Levers
Ms Mae Emery – RAP Coordinator


Ms Rebecca Barnes
Ms Shirleen Yip

See Cousellors page

Defence Liaison

Mrs Sue Lowery


Ms Patricia Sweeney-Fawcett – Managing Director – RTO, Flexible Learning, Careers and VET
Mrs Julie Freeman – RTO Compliance and Administration Officer
Mr Ian Anderson – Trainer
Mr Gary Haslett – Trainer
Mr Rod Plummer – Trainer
Ms Sharon Smith – Administration Officer

Flexible Learning, Careers and VET

Ms Patricia Sweeney-Fawcett – Managing Director – RTO, Flexible Learning, Careers and VET
Mr Mark Richard – Teacher
Mrs Jane Marshall – Teacher
Mrs Nicole Neuman – Flexible Learning Assistant, Careers and VET Administration Officer
Mrs Gaye-Ann Beckmann – Classroom Support
Mrs Olga Anderson – Resource Development
Miss Zoe Siviour – Personal Learning Plan (PLP), Work Experience and Transition Coordinator

Information Technology

Mrs Vanaja Arakkal – Director of IT – Teaching and Learning (On Leave)
Mr Aaron Lang – IT Support Officer, Acting IT Director
Mr Binu Varghese – IT Support Officer


Ms Candice Slingerland – International Coordinator
Mrs Michelle Mills – International Travel Assistant


Mrs Shirley Donnelly – Librarian

Olive Grove Café

Mrs Leanne Pope – Café Manager
Mrs Ernawati Fenwick
Mrs Michelle Gordon

Food Technology

Mrs Olga Anderson – Food Tech Assistant/Inclusion Support


Mrs Michelle Mills – Arts Support Officer
Mr Josh Spurr – Instrumental Music Tutor


Mr Roy Levers – School Officer (InTaD)


Ms Eliys McEvoy – Laboratory Technician
Ms Marie Jikharev – Laboratory Technician


Mr Paul Neuman – Groundsman


Mr Graham Lambert – Infrastructure Manager


Mr Selasteen Peter Emmanuel
Ms Toni Gulliver
Ms Sasitron Ransuk (Jum)
Ms Naritpriya Khumpholkrang
Ms Ruitana Tamee (Gayle)
Ms Riza Bonus


Mrs Dianne Cook – Uniform Shop Coordinator

Wellbeing & Family Liaison Officer and Child Protection (Safeguarding) Coordinator

Mrs Stella Wallis


Mrs Stella Wallis


Mrs Dianne Cook


Mr Bradley Bray – Bus Driver

MacKillop Saints

Mr O Tyler – President – MacKillop Saints Sporting Association
Mr Matthew Sharp – Vice President – MacKillop Saints Sporting Association, Head of Rugby League
Mr Amos Wachira – Treasurer
Mr Paul Dimmick – Head of Hockey
Mr Nate Jackson – Head of Basketball
Mr Jasen Bryers – Strength and Conditioning Trainer
Mrs Michelle Mills
Mr Alex Mentink – Coach
Miss Brittany Dunk – Coach