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Introduction by Chairperson of the MacKillop Catholic College Board

Welcome to the MacKillop College Board Webpage.

My name is Amber Elisabeth Stevens and I am the MacKillop Catholic College Board Chairperson.

Born in the Netherlands, I migrated to Australia in 2004 to be with my Australian love.  Fourteen years later we were married and have built our life together here in the beautiful Top End. We are raising two gorgeous kids. Our eldest a daughter, Nissa, and our son Odin.

We own a lovely home in the suburb of Woodroffe and both work for established Darwin based companies.

When our kids started their primary school journey, I really wanted to be involved in their education and school communities. I decided to join Woodroffe Primary School Council spent five years on the council. To my surprise I was actually chair of that Council for three years.

Our Nissa started at MacKillop, in 2016. To me, it felt only natural to be part of her new College community. So, when our Nissa started at the College I joined the Board. At the latest Board AGM I was chosen as Chairperson. How exciting.

I am extremely honoured to work with an amazing group of people who are all dedicated to the benefit of our children and our College community as a whole. A big thank you to all who dedicate their time and effort. Our Board could not exist without their contributions.

The Board is a place where each member can speak freely about the things that matter to them. Each view and voice is respected and valued. The Board is all inclusive and together we strive to “LEAD WITH COURAGE”. College staff, parents, carers, our parish priest and members of the wider Darwin/Palmerston community all participate to shape the future of our college and children.

The MacKillop College Board

The MacKillop Board lies at the heart of our Catholic Community. It is an advisory body to the Principal and College Leadership. It shares in genuine leadership by managing change through renewal and improvement.

The Board is responsible to the Bishop through the Director of Catholic Education.

Our Board is made up of parents/carers, teaching staff, parish priest, members of our wider community and the Principal. The College Board contributes to the overall welfare of the school, using the expertise and experience of those on the Board. We all share in rights, dignities and responsibilities.

The College Board follows the Vision Statement of the College. Like Mary MacKillop; the members on the Board inspire to work with clear minds that value learning. To have compassionate hearts and courageous spirits to serve our College with confidence.

The Board meets once a month, usually on the third Monday of each month. The School Board’s AGM is held in September.  Nominations are called for prior to this meeting. 

Role and Responsibilities of the MacKillop College Board

Each Diocesan Northern Territory School Board has responsibility for the overall wellbeing of its school. The MacKillop College Board acts in an advisory capacity to the Principal and School Leadership. The Board is involved in conversations pertaining to the strategic direction of the College. The Board is not responsible for operational matters which are the concern of the College Principal.

In fulfilling the strategic role, the College Board has a responsibility for:

  • contributing to the development of the Strategic Plan, Annual improvement plan, the College Annual Report and Financial Management;
  • participating in College renewal and other monitoring processes; and,
  • monitoring and reviewing the college’s performance against identified goals and targets set out in the Strategic Plan and the Annual Improvement Plan.

There are many more responsibilities for the College Board; however, below you will find some of the most important.

The College Board:

  • assists the Principal in development of structures helpful to determining future needs of the College;
  • assists with the forward planning of the capital development of the College;
  • assists the Principal in the appraisal of members of staff where requested;
  • assists in the development of appropriate policies regarding the level, collection and remission of College fees;
  • assists in the development of appropriate enrolment policies;
  • provides and ensure appropriate pastoral care for the Principal;
  • follows the guidelines and directions pertaining to School Boards issued by the Catholic Education office;
  • assists in fostering the school involvement with the parish and local community;
  • undertakes any other matters as referred by the College Principal; and,
  • conducts an annual review of its operations during the meeting prior to the Annual General Meeting.

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Meeting Dates 2021

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Board Meeting Minutes

pdf Meeting Minutes – Meeting 4 of 2019 – 20.05.2019

pdf MCC Board Minutes 18.02.19

pdf MCC Board Minutes 19.11.18

College Board Reports

Ex-Officio Members


Fr Tom English

Executive Officer (Co Op)      

Peter Moloney (Principal)

Rod Plummer (Staff)

Finance (Co Op)

Amos Wachira

Elected Members

Chair Person

Amber Stevens


Board Secretary

Rosalina Burrowes

Staff Representatives

Vanaja Arakkal

Stella Wallis

P&F Association Representative

Peter Wallis

Other Parent Representatives

Meghan Funnell

Alumni Representatives

Joe Hedger

Nominated Members

Parish Representative

Raul & Jean Daet