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Flexible Learning

Through flexible learning arrangements, students in Middle and Senior Years have increased opportunities to develop their business, interpersonal and employment-related skills needed for the future.

MacKillop Catholic College offers a range of pathway options for students to gain skills, experience and qualifications in various vocational education and training (VET) areas. We offer flexible learning pathways through Apprenticeships, Traineeships and Distance Education courses.  These pathways provide students the options to undertake additional Stage 1 or Stage 2 subjects through other secondary education providers and also the opportunity to undertake accredited training through external or internally delivered vocational and education training (VET) courses.

Selecting appropriate subjects can be a very difficult task. In Year 10 students should have mapped out their learning pathway in their Personal Learning Plan (PLP) class. If they have not completed PLP or are still unsure as to what career they would like to pursue after school then students should seek advice and support from the Managing Director: RTO, Flexible Learning, VET and Careers. It is also recommended that students discuss possible course selections with their parents, subject teachers and year level coordinators before making final decisions.

Students are encouraged to keep their options open enough to avail themselves of courses and career alternatives. As is often the case, if students do not have a career in mind they should choose subjects that they are good at, interested in and enjoy doing that will enable them to meet the requirements of the Northern Territory Certification of Education and Training (NTCET).

Any student wishing to access the services provided by the Flexible Learning Department must talk with the Managing Director: RTO, Flexible Learning, VET and Careers to determine the correct pathway. Students/parents should make an appointment time to discuss options on a case by case basis.

The role of the Flexible Learning team is to assist students with catching up on their mainstream subjects or to support them in engaging with alternative education options.

The Flexible Learning Team will:

  • Support classroom teachers with following up on behaviour and outstanding assessment tasks
  • Remind students of expectations within the Flexible Learning Centre
  • Provide additional support to students when possible
  • Provide a safe and happy learning environment
  • Supervise deliver mainstream student study sessions
  • Provide a quiet environment for students to study.
  • Support students in getting work from class teachers.
  • Support classroom teachers and students in completing work and/or assessments.