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Information Technology

IT systems at MacKillop Catholic College are overseen by Mrs. Vanaja Arakkal – vanaja.arakkal@nt.catholic.edu.au. Below are some useful documents regarding laptop hire, computer usage, and other IT related matters.

Instructions for Setting Up SEQTA Engage

Set up SEQTA Engage using the Welcome email

Please follow the steps below to set up a new SEQTA ENGAGE account using the Welcome email. Please see below a screenshot of the login screen:

All enquiries about log in or any other technical issues need to be directed to the IT Director, MacKillop Catholic College: Vanaja.arakkal@nt.catholic.edu.au

Bring Your Own Laptop (BYOL) Programme

MacKillop operates on a BYOL system for years 7 through to year 12.

pdf Laptop Checklist

Is a BYOL Laptop mandatory?

Yes, for all year levels. Students must bring their laptops every day. All students are expected to follow the laptop policies and procedures which they agreed to when signing the BYOL form or Enrolment Agreement Form when they are enrolled or enrol at the College

What laptop is recommended?

  • MacBooks are not compatible with NTSchools IT infrastructure.
  • We recommend laptops with the following specifications:
    • Windows 10 Pro
    • Minimum 4GB RAM
    • Wi-Fi
    • Good processor – i3 or i5
    • 3 years extended product care warranty, including battery
    • We recommend 250GB of storage
    • A solid-state hard drive (SSD) is a more reliable option, if within your budget.
    • Do not purchase software. Microsoft Office and antivirus are provided by the College.

Where can I buy the laptop?

Parents may buy a laptop from any approved reseller. Harvey Norman and Territory Technology Solutions are willing to assist parents/guardians from MacKillop Catholic College. Harvey Norman will offer extra support only if parents complete the voucher (found in the Welcome Book) and take it to Harvey Norman.

What about insurance coverage? Who is responsible for this?

  • Please note that accidental damage is to be covered by parents under personal contents insurance. Some vendors also provide accidental damage cover, however, this needs to be discussed with the individual vendor.
  • Theft is not covered by the College, although we will actively assist students with finding lost or stolen laptops. Students are required to keep their belongings locked in their lockers when not using them. The College provides students with a padlock and locker for their personal equipment security. Home contents insurance may cover this.

How will students connect to the internet at school?

Students connect to the NTSchools network, and are required to follow the policies in place. Students are provided with two options to connect their devices to the NTSchools network:

  1. The College can reimage the laptop. This will not void the warranty, and previous settings can be reinstated by us if required.
  2. Upgrade the operating system to Windows Pro if within your budget. This enables the laptop to be added to the NTSchools domain.

Why is it important to reimage the laptop or add the laptop to the NTSchools domain?

This helps students to access all school resources like network drives, printing etc. it is advised that the laptops are added to NTSchools domain.

How much will it cost?

  • There is a laptop levy each year of $110, which will automatically be put on families accounts at the beginning of each year.
  • A laptop from an approved reseller will generally be in the range of around $750 to $1100. Please feel free to contact Mrs Arakkal by email if any advice is needed prior to purchase.

What IT support is available?

The laptop levy fee per year ($110) covers the Microsoft Office package, antivirus software, internet access, a range of learning programs like ClickView and the setting up of the laptop. Our technicians will assist students with installing this software. The College will provide technical support only for NTSchools network connection and software issues.

Are students allowed to have non-school related software or games installed on their laptops?

It is highly recommended that all laptops for school use is free of games or any other distractions. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to enforce the rules. If they have games and it is misused parents will be contacted to discuss the implications.

When will the laptops be ready for students to use?

Our technicians will work through all the laptops starting immediately at the start of the new school year. This process is completed as quickly as possible by the IT department.

Can the laptop be recharged at school?

It is the student’s responsibility to recharge their laptop at home each evening and come to school fully prepared. Limited facilities are available for recharging on the College premises.

Internet Protection at school and home:

At school internet access is protected by NTSchools restrictions and at home it is the responsibility of the parent/guardian.

Please contact Mrs Vanaja Arakkal on vanaja.arakkal@nt.catholic.edu.au for clarification regarding our laptop programme.

Catholic Education Northern Territory ICT Policies

pdf  086 ICT Policies – GOM rf 12 Nov 2015

pdf  CENT Acceptable use policy  – 16 Feb 2015

pdf  CENT Cyberbullying Policy – Sept 2012