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Landscape Construction Pathways Programme – Internal Only

Last updated 17th Feb 2021

This course provides foundation skills for those learners who are new to the industry (or who have little or no prior experience in the field) but who may have the desire to work in the plant, animal or conservation area.  This course offers students entry level parks and wildlife skills and experience, including training in the land management sector, with hands-on training across a wide range of land management and nursery skills.

Work Health and Safety; to be able to work safely in the industry, and to be able to protect yourself and others where the potential for injury or accidents are present. Learn how to maintain a safe workplace.

Manual handling: learn the safe and correct manner to relocate loads under different situations.

Handling tools and equipment: Understand the limitations, uses and safe handling of a variety of tools and equipment.

Landscaping: understand the basic principles and practices of landscaping.

Construction: learn the basic skills for simple construction along with commonly used terminology and techniques used in the industry.

Maintenance: learn the principles and practices of maintaining structures and buildings.

Course Flyer: pdf Landscape Construction Pathways Programme

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