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Conservation and Land Management – Level 2 – Workplace Practice

Last updated 27th November 2020

This program has been specifically designed to extend students with a strong interest in conservation and land management. The program is a partnership between MacKillop RTO (45147), and local businesses in the industry. This course provides foundation  skills for those learners who has some experience in the conservation and land management arena. This course provides students entry-level parks and wildlife skills and experience, including training in the land management sector, with hands-on training across a wide range of land management and nursery skills.

Work Health and Safety: to be able to work safely in the industry, and to be able to protect yourself and others where the potential for injury or accidents are present. Learn how to maintain a safe work place and operate safely in a workplace environment.

Operational tools and machinery: further your skills and knowledge in operating and maintaining tools and machinery while undertaking real workplace tasks.

Weed control: Learn to identify various weeds, including specific listed, problem weeds. To apply methods of control, including non-chemical control, environmental control and chemical control.

Workplace Communication: To be able to communicate effectively in the workplace following policies and procedures and using workplace documentation and communication protocols.

pdf Conservation and Land Management Level 2 v1.2 2020

pdf Course Guide – Conservation and Land Management Level 2 v2.5 2020

pdf Enrolment Form – CLM Level 2

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