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Dear Families,

Welcome to the MacKillop Catholic College community.

When families and schools work together, children are more likely to build good relationships and do better at school. For this reason we would like to both invite and encourage you to be a part of all that goes on at the College.

The P&F is much more than just a fundraising organisation; it’s also a vehicle for promoting family engagement with the College.  Did you know that 85-92% of learning happens outside the school? Surprise! The biggest influence on a child’s learning is the family. The values we support, the encouragement we give, the surroundings we provide, the teaching we do, the homework we struggle to help with and our interactions with the school are what really makes the difference to our children.

Through engagement with the College we’re showing that we value all that’s on offer. Coming to school events is worth our priority, time, effort and fuel. No matter what the occasion it’s most definitely important that as families we feel welcome and able to participate.

Yes. We also need your support with our fundraising endeavours. We need your ideas, enthusiasm, time and dollars. All the money we raise goes into the purchase of resources for our students.  Supporting the P&F is supporting our school community.

We hold Committee meetings on the 2nd Monday of each month which you are most welcome to attend. The Executive Committee members are friendly and approachable so please feel free to contact us if we can help in any way.

Most importantly, thank you for choosing to become part of the Mackillop Catholic College community. We value your contributions.

Enjoy your families,

Elizabeth Laughton

President, MCC P&F Assoc.

P&F Executive Committee 2020:

President: Elizabeth Laughton (mccpfpresident@gmail.com) 

Secretary: Fiona Dunbar-Smith (mccpfsecretary@gmail.com) 

Treasurer: Kiernan McKendry (mccpftreasurer@gmail.com)

Meeting Dates 2020:

To protect the health of the community, no meetings will be taking place until further notice.

7pm Monday 10th February

No Meeting April

7pm Monday 11th May – P&F AGM

7pm Monday 8th June

No Meeting July

7pm Monday 10th August

7pm Monday 14th September

7pm Monday 12th October

7pm Monday 9th November

7pm Monday 14th December

Be Part of the P&F

Download the brochure below to find more information and the application form:

pdf P&F Brochure

P&F Association Constitution

pdf MacKillop P&F Constitution

P&F Meeting Minutes

pdf 2019 06 03 MCC P&F Minutes

pdf 2019 08 12 MCC P&F Minutes

pdf 2019 09 09 MCC P&F Minutes