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College Community Partnerships

First Palmerston Scout Group


The Palmerston Scouts meet at MacKillop Catholic College each week. Find out more through the link below:


Palmerston Ballet

Palmerston Ballet is managed by Mrs Jan Hedenig and classes take place in the MacKillop Catholic College dance room. More information can be found on their website bellow:


Arafura Wind Ensemble

The Arafura Wind Ensemble rehearse Thursday evenings in the MacKillop Catholic College music room, and often colaborate with us for events and concerts. More information can be found on their website:


MASH Netball Club

Mash Netball Club Logo

MASH (MacKillop And Sacred Heart) Netball Club’s website can be found here: https://mashnetball.com/wspHome.aspx

MacKillop Saints Sporting Organisation

Information about College Teams can be found here.

Other information can be found on the MacKillop Saints website:


Adopt-a-Cop NT

https://www.police.qld.gov.au/programs/cscp/schools/adoptcop/ (external link)

Our school-based constable is Tanith Blair