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MacKillop Catholic College will make every effort to protect the intellectual property of copyright holders, and has policies in place to ensure staff and students comply with intellectual property law. As an educational institution, there are instances where we have an exemption based on fair use for educational purposes. We also fall under the “Safe Harbours” agreement, which applies to large organisations such as telecommunications providers and educational institutions, which exempts the organisation from being automatically held responsible for the infringements of its users, provided the organisation complies with the requirements of having Safe Harbour status. Under this agreement, members of the public who believe a staff member or student at MacKillop Catholic College has infringed on their intellectual property rights may lodge a take down notice, as detailed below:

Catholic Education Northern Territory participates in the safe harbour scheme in Part V Division 2AAof the Copyright Act 1968 and has appointed the National Copyright Unit as its Designated Representative for receiving take down notices issued under the scheme.

All take down notices issued under the scheme should be sent to:

The National Copyright Director
National Copyright Unit
105 Phillip Street
Parramatta NSW 2150


Tel: 02 7814 3855