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24th March 2020

Dear Families

The events of recent weeks and months mean we are all adjusting to new ways to teach, study and indeed live.

We appreciate that this is an intense time particularly for those in the health care industry – but also those in education and families.  We understand that families are trying to protect and make sense of it all as well as trying to keep students engaged in the learning process.

The staff of MacKillop are here to support and work with you, our families. Below you will find some information from our various teams that will support you should school closure occur.

Notes from our Pastoral Team

There are various Pastoral Care avenues to access assistance at MacKillop. The first point of contact is your child’s Home form Teacher. Other services available at the College to assist you are as follows.

If you are considering keeping your son /daughter home, then our Teacher Librarian Mr John Chisholm can assist students with selecting suitable educational reading material for the time spent away from the College. John can also assist with advice for Assignment Research. John can be contacted at: john.chisholm@nt.catholic.edu.au or by phone on 8930 5703.

If you are a Defence Family then our Defence School Mentor, Mrs Sue Lowery can provide assistance with referring students to Defence Support for counselling and provide information regarding the other support mechanisms in place and being put in place by Defence. Sue can be contacted at: sue.lowery@nt.catholic.edu.au

If you are an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander Family then our Aboriginal & Islander Education Worker, Jasen Bryers, can assist you with gaining support from the most relevant staff member or stakeholder with any particular issues you may be experiencing. Jasen can be contacted at: jasen.bryers@nt.catholic.edu.au

Our Inclusion Support Coordinator, Linda Van Heusden, can assist your family if your child is one of our students receiving classroom support. Linda can assist with accessing learning materials and ensuring the appropriate adjustments are being made. Linda can be contacted at: Linda.VanHeusden@nt.catholic.edu.au or by phone on 8930 5715

Our Well-Being & Family Liaison Officer (and College Chaplain), Mrs Stella Wallis, can assist all families with a range of matters including referrals to external stakeholders (including counselling). Stella can be contacted at: stella.wallis@nt.catholic.edu.au or by phone on 0439 336 107


Some things to keep in mind at this time:

Access good quality information

It’s important to get accurate information from credible sources such as those listed below. This will also help you maintain perspective and feel more in control.

Australian Government coronavirus (COVID-19) health alert

Health Direct – Coronavirus (COVID-19)

smartraveller.gov.au – travel information for Australian citizens

World Health Organisation – coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak


Notes from our Teaching & Learning Team

Staff at MacKillop Catholic College are preparing to teach lessons via the mixed mode of online learning and hard copy work packages in the event of a school closure. This remote learning will use our main platform SEQTA as the communication vehicle. Some teachers and classes may have existing platforms like Schoology or Edmodo with which your son or daughter are familiar. Please check these details with your son / daughter or their class teachers. Predominantly, our staff are migrating to SEQTA. I take this opportunity to thank our staff for their work in this area.

MacKillop Catholic College is open and will remain open until advised by Catholic Education Northern Territory. In the meantime, as well as preparing for possible future school closure, families choosing to keep their children home can support their son / daughter’s learning by following a few key points outlined below:

  1. Set up a learning environment at home that is quiet and away from distractions such as the TV and Mobile Phone;
  2. Structure your child’s day by maintaining morning and night-time routines. Support your child to take regular breaks (Recess and Lunch breaks);
  3. Check in with your child to keep them on track;
  4. Maintain regular contact with the College through their Home form teacher or class teachers;
  5. Encourage your child to spend some time each day outside being physical;
  6. Ensure your child can access SEQTA Learn. The address for SEQTA learn is: learn.mackillopnt.catholic.edu.au
    the username and password should be the same as for NTSCHOOLS.
    If students experience issues logging on, please email your Home form teacher who will send your request to our IT team who will email or call back.  Please ensure you provide your contact details. Once logged in students will click on “course” and then the subject of choice;
  7. SETQA Engage, the parent platform for SEQTA, is not yet enabled for MacKillop Catholic College. Please see your child’s account for work requirements and messages from class teachers within courses;
  8. We encourage students and parents to concentrate on their core subjects of Mathematics, English, Science, SOSE and HPE (Health). Information for each of these subjects will be detailed on SEQTA;
  9. If your child/ren are undertaking a Vocational Education and Training (VET) program, either with MacKillop Catholic College Registered Training Organisation (RTO) or any other RTO, Ms Rachel Taylor, the Managing Director: RTO, VET, Flexible Learning and Careers, can provide advice and support about how students can continue their VET studies.  A number of national initiatives have commenced to discuss alternatives to Planned Structured Work Placements and the impact that not being able to undertake these will have on student completion of VET qualifications in the 2020 academic year.  Parents and students are encouraged to contact their RTO Provider or Trainer however, if you cannot make contact Ms Taylor can assist with communications with external VET providers, including supporting students to access online materials and workbooks. Ms Taylor will ensure MacKillop RTO programs can run with workbooks and assessment task for students to complete at home. She can also assist students and parents regarding accessing their compulsory Personal Learning Plan (PLP) subject materials and for students who are undertaking the specialist VET Religious Education Program through the Flexible Learning Department.  Ms Rachel Taylor can be contacted at: taylor@nt.catholic.edu.au or by phone on; mobile 0467 580 686.
  1. For Stage 1 & Stage 2 Courses please check out the SACE website for NEWLY updated advice: https://www.sace.sa.edu.au/covid-19-coronavirus/for-teachers
  2. There are a few simple things students can do to ensure learning continues if you are choosing to keep your child home:
    1. All students prior to any absence are encouraged to visit the College Library and borrow a book to read each day. Reading for 30mins per day is always good practice under any circumstances. The College Teacher Librarian John Chisholm is available to help students select books;
    2. Please ask your child to take all textbooks, subject resources and assessment tasks home. This may require the student cleaning out their locker for the period they are at home;
    3. Ensure your child can log onto STILE. STILE is a learning platform for Science. If you have trouble logging on, please email your Science teacher through your son / daughter’s Home form teacher. Once again through the Home form teacher. This is for Year 7-10 students only;
    4. Ensure your child can log onto MATHSPACE. This is a learning platform for Mathematics. If you have trouble logging on, please email your Mathematics teacher through your son / daughter’s Home form teacher. This is also only for Year 7-10 students; and,
    5. Whilst we have stated above to concentrate on core subjects, the following could be done for elective subjects:
      1. – Languages: students are encouraged to organise with their languages   teacher to pick up and take-home learning resources.
      2. –  Music: students are encouraged to take home their instrument for practice.
      3. –  Food Technology Year 7: a take home package is available.

Notes from our Catholic Care Counselling Team:

Catholic Care NT is open to business as per usual, and these include the School Counselling Program for students, ACCESS Counselling Program for school staffs, General Counselling for families who need support. On top of face-to-face counselling support, Catholic Care can provide services over the phone or through Zoom / Skype. If students are seeking counselling and are at home, they can contact Catholic Care via the intake@catholiccarent.org.au. Alternatively, they can also contact Shirleen or Rebecca through the College stella.wallis@nt.catholic.edu.au to organise counselling over the phone or through Zoom / Skype.


Business.gov.au support line:    13 28 46

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For more information on Coronavirus and the Government’s response, please visit: www.treasury.gov.au/coronavirus or www.australia.gov.au

These are challenging times. As educators of our Palmerston young people you have an important task ahead and we stand ready to accompany you as trusted companions on that journey.

If you have suggestions as to how we may better serve you during this time of change and uncharted waters – please do let us know via our Principal’s email: lauretta.graham@nt.catholic.edu.au

Here at MacKillop Catholic College, located in the Palmerston suburb of Johnston, Northern Territory, we serve our local community through high quality Catholic education with a student-centred approach.

We recognise Christ at the centre of our lives, calling us to reach out and touch the hearts and minds of our students. We focus on preparing young men and women to take their place in society and Lead with Courage, continuing the work and emulating the values of our namesake and Australia’s first Saint, Saint Mary of the Cross MacKillop.

Since our foundation in 2012, we have provided the very best of secondary co-educational learning environments; valuing diversity, inclusiveness, and equality. If you are looking for an exceptional secondary school in the Palmerston area, please get in touch with us, and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have or to arrange a tour. You can contact us here.

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