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Duke of Edinburgh Award Programme

The Award is a leading structured (non-formal education) youth development program, empowering all young Australians between age 14 to 25 to explore their full potential regardless of their location or circumstance. The Award is a fully inclusive program and has no social, political, or religious affiliations.

How is an Award Achieved?

Each young person who takes part in the Award learns a skill, improves their physical wellbeing, volunteers in their community and goes on an adventure. All Participants are supported by a network of adult Award Leaders, Assessors, Supervisors, and mentors.

The key elements of our program are:

Open to all between the ages of 14 to 25.
Three levels: Bronze, Silver, and Gold, each progressively more challenging.
Four Sections: Physical Recreation, Skill, Service, Adventurous Journey plus Residential Project (Gold Level only).
Achieving an Award recognises individual goal setting and self-improvement through persistence and achievement.
What impact does the Award have on a young person?

Through this challenging journey of self-discovery, our Participants:

Are equipped and empowered to achieve their personal best;
Learn to take responsibility for their goals and choices;
Become connected to and actively engaged within their immediate community;
Make a real difference to society through their positive contributions and involvement;
Learn to persevere and overcome barriers to success;
Learn important life skills; and
Increase their career opportunities.

There are 4 sections for Bronze and Silver and 5 Sections for Gold (none more important than another)



The Service section of the Award encourages young people to volunteer their time to and understand the benefits of this service to their community. To connect with your community and give service to others and their communities.

pdf  Here is a handy list of local volunteering opportunities


Physical Recreation

The Physical Recreation section of the Award encourages young people to participate in sport and other physical recreation for the improvement of health, wellbeing and fitness.



The Skills section of the Award encourages the development of personal interests and practical and social skills.


Adventurous Journey

The Adventurous Journey section encourages a sense of adventure whilst undertaking a team journey or expedition. As part of a small team, participants will plan, train for and undertake a journey with a defined purpose in an unfamiliar environment.


Residential Project (Gold only)

The Residential Project, completed only at Gold level, aims to broaden participants’ horizons through involvement with others in a residential setting.

How to Apply

Please find below the information for the Duke of Edinburgh Program, including booklets for Bronze, Silver and Gold awards with all information.
$100 sports vouchers can be used for payment of the award or fee will be added to school fees.

pdf  General Letter to Parents

pdf  Participant Application Form – U18

pdf  Guide for Bronze Award Participants

pdf  Guide for Silver Award Participants

pdf  Guide for Gold Award Participants

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