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Extracurricular Activities

College Sports

MacKillop Catholic College Sports

Coordinated by Ms Tahnee Gale


More Information

Coordinated by Mr David Graham


More Information

Coordinated by Mr Paul Dimmick

Extracuricular Drama

Coordinated by Mrs Mandy Mattison


MacKillop Catholic College Music

Coordinated by Mr David Graham


For information on netball at MacKillop and Sacred Heart, visit mashnetball.com.

Coordinated by Mrs. Sharon Forsyth


MacKillop Dance Company

World Challenge

Coordinated by Ms Jade Cole

In 2017 MacKillop had a student-led expedition to Zambia and Botswana.

Duke of Edinburgh Award Programme

MacKillop Catholic College Duke of Edinburgh Award Programme page

Coordinated by Miss Mary Bergmeier

Vinnies Youth

Vinnies Youth at MacKillop Catholic College

Coordinated by Miss Kathryn Pettersen.

Biennial Ski Trip and other Outdoor Ed Camps

Coordinated by Mrs Jade Cole.
Each year we do fundraising to take a group of students down to the snow mid-year.
We also hold many other local Outdoor Ed camps throughout the year.

Anime Club

We have an ‘Anime Club’ that runs on Wednesday Lunchtimes in the Japanese Room.This is student run and they discuss, draw and watch manga and anime.
We also have Anime screening on Thursday lunchtimes in the library. These are usually screened in Japanese with English subtitles. Everyone is welcome.

Nongkrong Indonesian Hangout Group

Come along and practice speaking Bahasa Indonesia and enjoy some snacks after school. Click the thumbnail image to see flyer. Talk to Miss Slingerland or Miss Skehan for more info.


Since the overwhelming success of our first musical, Cruisin’, in 2016, we intend to produce a musical production of similar scale on a regular biannual basis. This is a fantastic opportunity for students to get involved in something they can be proud of, and put a wide range of talents together in pursuit of a common goal.

Our Next musical will be “42nd Street”, which will take place in June 2018.

Tournament of Minds

The Tournament of Minds (TOM) is a school competition program available throughout Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Thailand and Singapore. Teams of students work to solve problems in a number of disciplines, including: applied technology, language, literature, mathematics, engineering, and social sciences. Students form teams of seven and work together to solve both spontaneous and long term challenges.

Tournament of Minds website