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About the College

MacKillop Catholic College is dedicated in a special way to Saint Mary of the Cross MacKillop whose passionate human response to need transformed the lives she touched and built the Kingdom of God. The school motto is “Lead with Courage” and is another way of saying step up and take your place in society and be the best you can be, and all the while helping others to be the best they can be.

The College aims to create a climate where all are valued for their unique gifts, and served according to their individual needs; where inclusivity, respect, courage, integrity and compassion are accepted as the guiding principles of all relationships and undertakings.

At MacKillop Catholic College education is the medium through which young people are called to discipleship.

At the College we recognise that we are called to serve others through our active engagement in outreach and service and follow Jesus as St Mary MacKillop demonstrated.

In this way, the Catholic Community of MacKillop will enrich and transform the wider community of Palmerston and surrounding rural areas.