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College Sports

IMG_0289At MacKillop Catholic College we promote participation in sport and help students progress by overseeing and guiding them through junior, intermediate and senior levels across competitions inside and outside of school.

Our aim is to ensure MacKillop’s culture is a strong one, with our students being proud to wear the MacKillop Sporting Uniform whilst representing our College at interhouse and interschool sporting competitions.

Every year we have our whole-College interhouse events for cross country, athletics and swimming, where students compete in their age groups and house groups.

MacKillop Catholic College also offers an extensive range of sporting opportunities for students to represent the College through the Palmerston and Rural Region School Sport (PARRS) interschool sports days.

Through our sports focused electives, including footy focus AFL and Rugby, as well as our Netball Academy, we aim to develop each individual’s game and knowledge so they can improve their contribution at club level as well.

More information on Health and Physical Education as an elective subject can be found on the subject page here.

College Houses           

There are four houses at MacKillop which students are divided into. Points are awarded to the houses throughout the year at sporting carnivals, MacKillop Day activities and in general at discretion of principal for demonstration of the College’s values.

The houses are:

  • McGrath (Blue)
  • McCormack (Red)
  • Hurley (Gold)
  • Confalonieri (Green)

More information on the people behind these house names can be found on the College Houses Page.

Students are required to wear their house colour uniforms on Fridays.

Interschool Sport

PARRS Region facilitates interschool sports days, with schools from the Palmerston, rural and remote schools in the Region invited to attend. Students aged from 9 -19 are all eligible to attend the various interschool sports days on offer. PARRS Region also facilitates the trials, selections, trainings and development of teams participating in the School Sport NT (SSNT) 12 Years & Under Championship program.

PARRS Dates 2019

Term 2 PARRS Days
Touch (Mixed/All Years) – Week 2 – Tuesday 30th April
Cricket (Middle Years/Mixed)– Week 5 – Friday 24th May
Hockey (Middle Years/Mixed)– Week 7 – Thursday 5th September
Permission forms at the front office 2 weeks prior to the event
They must be returned one week before the PARRS Day


Top End Middle and Senior School Track and Field Nomination Form

Dear students, parents and guardians,

This year the Top End Middle and Senior School Track and Field carnivals are being held much earlier due to the National Track and Field Carnival being moved forward. School Sport NT and PARRS have acknowledged that this is usually not the track and field time of year. This has also resulted in the MacKillop Catholic College Athletics Carnival (Friday the 21st of June week 9) being held after the Top End Middle and Senior School Track and Field Carnival (Tuesday the 4th of June, Week 7).

To enable fair selection for the Top End Middle and Senior School Track and Field Carnival students who are interested in attending have been asked to complete a nomination form. Students can participate in a maximum of 5 events plus a relay and the college can only have 2 competitors in each event.

Competitors can only compete in their own age group (age as of the 31st December).

12 Years – 2007

13 Years (Under 14s) – 2006

14/15 Years (Under 16s) – 2005 & 2004

16/17 Years (Under 18s) – 2003 & 2002

18+ (Under 20s) – 2001 & 2000

If more than two nominations are received per age group trials will be held at the college.

Year 7, 8 and 9 Physical Education classes have also been completing athletics this term. Teachers of these classes have been keeping records of student’s achievements and will also recommend students for events.

Please find attached the student nomination form which is due on Wednesday the 15th of May, Week 4. This form can also be collected from the front office. 

Permission forms will be provided to students once the nomination and selection process has been finalised.

Please contact me if you would like further information.


Tahnee Gale 

PARRS Permission Forms 2019


Northern Territory Government Crows Cup Carnival (2)

NTFL Junior Rules

PARRS MS Girls AFL Permission Note


PARRS Netball Permission Form

Rugby League

PARRS Rugby League Form – 28th March

Cross Country


Cross Country Middle and Senior Schools Gala Flyer (2)


2019 Basketball Middle and Senior Schools Gala Flyer



Middle Schools Football (Soccer) Gala Flyer

PARRS Soccer 2019_Permission Form


PARRS Orienteering 2019_Permission Form


Interschool Information flyer

PARRS Hockey_Permission Form_2019


Touch _NT All Schools Competition Poster

Touch Football_NT ALL SCHOOLS_Permission Form_2019


2019 PARRS Middle & senior school beach volleyball gala day

PARRS Beach Volleyball Permission Form

Interschool Sports days – Representing MacKillop Catholic College

The focus for interschool sports days is participation at any level. “Come and Try” philosophy is promoted at all of the days on offer. Students will have the opportunity to attend interschool sporting competitions and play against other schools in the area while representing MacKillop Catholic College.

See programs below for Cluster Interschool Sports Days

pdf interschool-information-pack-parrs

12 Years & Under Championship Program-Representing Palmerston Region

PARRS (previously PARCS) offers a representative program for students aged between 10 & 12 years old or turning 13 this year (excluding AFL and RUGBY LEAGUE) to attend the trials advertised to be considered for selection into the Palmerston and Rural Regional School Sport Team to compete at School Sport NT 12 & Under Championships.This event is then a direct pathway opportunity for students to be considered for selection into 12 & Under School Sport NT Teams. Students wishing to participate in this program must attend trials for possible selection. Sports currently offered for this program are Basketball, Australian Football, Rugby League, Football (Soccer), Netball, Tennis, Cricket and Touch Football.

Development/Selection Camps-School Sport NT

13 to 19 years students can nominate themselves through their region to be selected to attend the sport Development/Selection Camps held usually over a Friday/Saturday/Sunday period. Region ratios apply and all camps will be held in Darwin. At these Development Camps, local sporting bodies and interstate team officials will provide competitions, expert coaching, skills and PD sessions. An interstate squad will be selected and announced to represent School Sport NT at the School Sport Australia Championships.

Extracurricular Sporting Options

MacKillop Saints Sporting Organisation – Includes Rugby, Rugby League, Hockey, Basketball, and more to come!

MASH (MacKillop and Sacred Heart) Netball Club

MacKillop Catholic College Dance

Many other clubs of a wide variety of sports operate within the Palmerston region, including AFL, soccer and many other options. Please contact us if you would like more information.

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