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Annual Family Costs Calculator

This tool is based on fees and levies as of the date it is used. It is a total of any relevant application fees (paid before enrolment), tuition fees, discounts for multiple enrolments, student levies, the laptop levy, and family levy. Please note that other discounts apply if you have students enrolled at other NT Catholic schools, which are not taken into account in this equation.

Total annual fees for family: $4003

This does not include enrolment fees, refundable enrolment deposits or elective subject levies. More details on these can be found below.
Your enrolment application fees for this year (paid separately at enrolment) will come to $0.00.

Additional Deposit at Enrolment

Refundable Student Activity Deposit - $300 per student. This deposit establishes a credit balance for College activities. This is rolled over each year, and refunded at departure, minus any outstanding charges.

Additional Elective Subject Levies

These vary by subject. Some elective subjects, particularly in senior years, have additional costs associated with them. Please see the Subject Handbook for the appropriate year level on our website, or contact us for further information.


Parents, through their commitment to Catholic Education, have a responsibility and an obligation to pay school fees and levies as they fall due. However, no child will be deprived of a Catholic Education because of the genuine financial difficulties of his or her family.

If you are facing hardship, please email mk.schoolfinance@nt.catholic.edu.au or call the finance office direct on 8930 5716 as soon as you can, and we will find a way to support you.