To ensure high quality and cost effective education services are provided to all students, our funding from the government and diocese is supplemented by tuition fees.

Parents, through their commitment to Catholic Education, have a responsibility and an obligation to pay school fees and levies as they fall due.

This being said, no child will be deprived of a Catholic Education because of the genuine financial difficulties of his or her family.  If you are facing hardship, please email mk.schoolfinance@nt.catholic.edu.au or call the finance office direct on 8930 5716, and we will find a way to help you.

Please note that fees may change slightly from year to year.

Fee Information

With the support of the Catholic Education Office and the College Board, fees and levies are determined on an annual basis, and billed in the first term to the parties indicated on the Confidential Student Enrolment Form. If the parties decide to vary the billing arrangement made, the Confidential Student Enrolment Form must be adjusted by the parties to reflect the new arrangements. Verbal advice received to vary the billing arrangements will not be considered.

All fees and levies are due for payment 21 days after the fee or levy is billed or an arrangement is made for payment by regular instalments. There is no GST on School Fees, Levies and donations to our Building Fund.

Methods by which fees may be paid are shown below:

Payment of fees

The following options for payment of fees are available:

  • Preferred Methods of Payment:
    • BPAY (Please see your invoice for BPAY details and unique reference number)
    • Bank Transfer (Please see your invoice for our bank account details and unique reference number)

    Or Alternatively:

    • Cash or EFTPOS paid directly at the office.
    • By Cheque made payable to MacKillop Catholic College.
    • By Credit Card at the Office or by phone.
    • Direct Debit (Forms can be obtained from the office).

    Please note that our office hours are Monday to Friday 8am – 4pm

Refund of Tuition Fee Policy

Refund/credit of school tuition fee/s will only be considered upon receipt of a completed and signed Student Exit Form.

  • If four (4) weeks’ notice of student exit in writing has been received:
    • A maximum of 75% of the remaining school term tuition fee/s may be refund/credited.
  • If less than four (4) weeks’ notice of student exit has been received:
    • A maximum of 50% of the remaining school term tuition fee/s may be refunded / credited.

Refund of Excursions/Activities

All requests for credits for non-attendance at excursion activities should be made in writing to the Principal with accompanying documentation, e.g. medical certificate.

As most excursion / activities are prepaid by the College, and costs calculated on the full attendance of all students, a credit for non-attendance will only be considered if the College has been refunded for those students who were unable to attend. Unfortunately, due to this prepayment, refunds or credits will be unlikely.

If non-attendance was because of a medical condition, please attach a medical certificate to your written request for credit through the Principal.

Flexible Learning Programs

Flexible Learning Programs (FLP) including Vocational Educational Training (VET) pathways attract full tuition fees and levies. No pro-rata discount will be provided for the periods when the student is not attending the College. A full time place is budgeted for all students including FLP’s. This allows students to return to a full time regular program at any time.

Withholding Student Reports

If school fees have not been paid nor payment arrangements made or maintained, Student Semester Reports will be withheld until such time that there is parental communication with the College Principal. Please make an appointment with the Principal as soon as you realise that there may be difficulty in meeting this commitment. It is the Diocesan Policy that no child will be deprived of a Catholic Education because of the genuine financial difficulties of his or her family. We are happy to enter into arrangements with families to meet their particular circumstances.

If you have any further questions or concerns could you please contact us.

pdf fees-and-levies-summary-v2.1-2016-digital

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pdf Back to School Payment Scheme Letter 2016

pdf Back to school Payment Scheme Record of Payment form 2016

Fees Determined on a per Student Basis

Tuition Fees

A fee per student is charged to meet the costs of providing tuition. A discount is given to families with two, three or more students attending Catholic Colleges and Schools in the Diocese. Tuition fees are determined by Catholic Education Office. These fees relate to all Catholic Schools and Colleges. Year Level Levies and other Fees and Levies as below also apply and these are determined by our College to cover cost incurred by students.

General Purpose Levy

The levy covers items such as general classroom overheads and running costs. Items such as student first aid costs, compulsory competitions, computer & technology software and licenses, subscriptions, photocopying & printing, general consumable items, and administration costs are covered by this levy.

Middle & Senior Year Level Levy

A levy is set for each year level to cover expenses relating to that year level throughout the year. The levy incorporates the provision of such items as, but not limited to, for all year levels, the cost of resources for Key Learning Areas, Retreats and Camps for Years 7-12, Class sets of items such as Bibles and Atlases, MacKillop Feast Day Levy, Swimming and Athletics Carnival, Text Book Hire and Student ID Card. This levy is spent solely on curriculum related resources and activities.

ICT Levy

This Levy covers the parent’s contribution to provide students with individual fully functioning personal laptops. This laptop is covered by accidental damage insurance and loaded with the College software and imaging.

Excursions, Arts Council, Performances and Sport

These fees will be charged to fee accounts when they occur. The College Policy is that all excursions and extra activities are notified on the College Calendar at the commencement of each term including estimated details of costs where possible. (All Retreats, Camps and Excursions are a compulsory part of our curriculum. A credit for non-attendance at an excursion or activity will not be considered by the Principal, without a medical certificate or at least 48 hours’ notice in writing). Please note that the retreat or camp activity is part of the year level levy and not separately billed.


In the Middle and Senior Years, some Electives attract an additional charge for materials, course fees and specialist resources. These costs are outlined in the Curriculum Handbook and the elective Handbook for each year level. Some elective courses such as Outdoor Recreation will require fees to be paid in cash prior to the commencement of the course.

Instrumental Music Fees

Individual music tuition fees are invoiced separately.  Visiting instrumental teachers not employed by the College will invoice parents privately. The College does not handle these funds nor do they set the lesson costs for these tutors. Where possible all Students who receive instrumental tuition at the College will receive at least one group or individual instrumental lesson per week. All bands and choirs are at no extra cost to the parent but are a compulsory part of the program. However, accompaniment for competitions and concerts will be charged individually. Instrument rental is billed to the Music Fee Account.

Non-refundable Student Activity Deposit – $300

At the commencement of the first year of enrolment, this Deposit (which is rolled over from the Enrolment Deposit) establishes an activities credit balance for each student. When students depart, the Deposit is refunded to the family, less any outstanding charges not paid. This deposit is payable within 14 days of receiving an offer of enrolment. This comprises $150 Text Book Bond and $150 deposit on levies.

Replacement Diaries & Emergency Uniforms

Replacement diaries and emergency items of uniform will be charged to family accounts. Where possible, families will be notified of the event.

Non-refundable Enrolment Application Fee

A non-refundable Application Fee of $110 per student or $200 per family is payable at the time of lodging an application form for admission of a student to the College. This fee is based on administration costs of processing the application.

Photocopying and Printing Allowance / Budget per Student

A photocopying and printing allowance will be provided to each student at the beginning of each term and is incorporated in school fees. If this allowance is reached, an additional cash payment will be required to increase the student’s budget and reactivate copying and printed rights. For 2016 the allowance per term will be $30 for middle year’s students. The College Environmental/Sustainability Policy embraces minimising our carbon footprint. We are currently pursuing strategies and initiatives that will reduce our impact on the environment and the reduction of paper usage is one of these initiatives.

Fees Determined on a per Family Basis

Minor Project Levy

The College collects a per family minor projects levy. The College decides in consultation with the College Board and Parents and Friends’ Association what capital projects or maintenance works will be funded each year from this levy.

Compulsory Building Levy

An annual levy is charged per family to contribute to the capital costs of school infrastructure. This Compulsory Building Levy is not tax deductible

Non-Compulsory Building Levy

In addition to the above Compulsory Building Levy, families are invited to donate funds to our Voluntary School Building Fund. Such donations of $2 and over are tax deductible when donated to the School Building Fund. We ask that families consider $100 per term which is tax deductible and funds will go towards the building of the College’s future Chapel.

Year Book

The College produces a Year Book at the end of each year. Every family will receive a Year Book containing reports of the years activities at the cost of $30.

Parents and Friends’ Association, Working Bee and School Support Levy

In collaboration with the P&F association, an annual levy has been determined to encourage support for and participation in College Working Bees and/or other activities around the College. These activities greatly assist in the development and maintenance of school grounds. This levy will be credited to Family Accounts on participation by the parent in at least one (1) of the four (4) Working Bees per annum (one each Term), or any other significant voluntary contribution.

Schedule of Fees and Levies – 2017 Year 7 to 12

Per Student Tuition Fees and Levies

Tuition Fees:        Years 7 – 10                           $2,255 per student

                              Years 11 – 12                        $3,309 per student

Discounts for multiple enrolments

Discounts apply for families at MacKillop Catholic College or other Catholic Schools where families have more than one student attending any of the Catholic Schools (including MacKillop Catholic College) in the NT. Reduction in the Tuition Fee is applicable as follows:

First child – full fee

Second child – discount of 10% of his/her fee

Third child – discount of 20% of his/her fee

Fourth child – no tuition fee

This will be applied in the following manner to ensure all schools share the discounts.

First and eldest child – full fee

Second child – 5% of each child’s fee

Third child – 10% of each child’s fee

Fourth child – 33% of each child’s fee

It is important that each school asks their families to indicate if they have children at other Catholic schools.

The child’s name, school, and year level should be recorded.

Plus relevant levies from following tables:

Per Student Levies Per Annum
General Purpose Levy $300
Student Activity Deposit  (rollover of enrolment deposit in first year) $300
Middle Years Levy (Year 7 – 10)    Note: This levy includes the Camp or Retreat. $720
Senior Years Levy (Year 11 – 12)  Note: This levy includes the Camp or Retreat * $1,120
ICT Levy $280
ICT Levy – Bring your Own Laptop $ 110

Senior year levy includes cost of Certificate III in Christian Ministry and Theology

Per Family Levies Per Annum
Minor Projects Levy $140
Compulsory Building Levy $240
Year Book $30
Working Bee Levy (refundable on attendance at a working bee) $60

Please note that all fees are due for payment within 21 days of the invoice. If you are facing hardship and unable to meet this agreement, please contact us as soon as you can and we will find a way to work with you and help. Please email mk.schoolfinance@nt.catholic.edu.au or call the finance office direct on 8930 5716 for confidential assistance.