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Mackillop Catholic College being built in the heart of Palmerston, Northern Territory will serve the local community through providing high quality Catholic education with a student-centred approach.

As the founding principal I am committed to developing a community of learning where each individual student is cared for and valued, and the wider community is enriched by the presence of our College here in the city of Palmerston. Here students will be empowered and challenged to reach their full potential.

As a Catholic College we recognise Christ as the centre of our lives, calling us to the life-giving by the way we reach out and touch the hearts of those who attend our College. Our focus is on preparing young men and women to take their place in society and ‘Lead with Courage’, emulating the values of Saint Mary Mackillop. Here the integration of faith and life will be made possible in an entirely new way.

From the very beginning, our College will provide the very best of secondary co-educational learning environments; valuing diversity, inclusiveness, and which affirms the equality of persons male and female.

In 2012, Mackillop Catholic College will enrol years 7, 8 & 9 students. May I extend the warmest of welcome to students, families and the wider community.

I look forward with excitement to our journey at Mackillop Catholic College, Palmerston; to the companions yet to meet; the students to inspire; and, the young accomplished wonderful graduates this College will produce in the coming years. Young men and women who will bring life and hope to all they touch on life’s journey.

May God’s blessings be with you and may the life of Saint Mary Mackillop ignite in you the flames of faith and service.

Mary, a woman of vision,

Mary, a woman of inner strength,

Mary, a woman of prayer,

Mary, a woman who dared to be different.


 (Source: www.adelaide.catholic.org.au)

Lauretta Graham

Founding Principal

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